• Voices Unheard

Bundle of Care

A bottle of water. A cup of oatmeal. Simple things that we take for granted. But for someone living on the streets, especially a child, it's the lifeline that keeps them alive.

No, it won't completely stop them from being hungry. And you're right, it will only temporarily quench their thirst.

But all this care packed into these bags it what, "Keeps us alive."

Little things. Big consequences.

A matter of life or death.

Broken homes, but not broken spirits.

Hearts that have been hurt, but hearts that we can hold in our hands and help to mend.

It's not enough to completely solve the problem, but it's a start.

The lifeline that over time will eventually get them permanently off the street.

And one-by-one, the care we share with others can help save a life.

Simple things that provide the glimmer of hope, the pulse a young person needs to keep moving on.

A necessary reminder to those young people living on the streets that they are so worth the fight, they are perfect just they way they are.

Plant hope. Change lives.

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