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Dear You

Dear You,

I just want You to know that I have some sense of what You are going through right about now. And although in this moment You are most certainly justified in not trusting anyone else to admit what’s really going on, please know that there are many people out there who really want to help You and really do care.

I know that for some of You, You just couldn’t take the abuse any more. And I know for others of You, You were abruptly kicked out of your homes. I know that for all of You, no matter the reason, even though this is harder than anything You could have possibly imagined, even if you could go home, I know it still makes more sense for You to be right where You’re at then to go back there.

I know, because in one way or another, I was just like you.

I know You are hungry and cold and are just hoping to find a place to take a shower. I know that behind that edgy youth, You are probably just tired and simply hoping You can find a safe place to rest, to get some sleep, before You go out again to take on the day.

I know You are not ready just yet to make your next move, and You know what, it’s ok. Honestly, I don’t blame You. And You don’t need to do anything You’re not ready to do.

But, I also hope that You know in the meantime there is help here waiting for You.

Some clothes and a blanket to help battle a cold winter’s day. A warm sleeping bag to bring You some comfort during the night. Some food to fill you up so that through all of this You can remain strong.

No strings attached. Just a pack filled with love and hope and a promise that You can get on with your life.

Yes, it will take some time.

But, You, too, can certainly live on. Because, yes, although You may not feel like it at times, You are so very strong.

These are new seeds of hope.

These are what are being planted for each of You.

Plant hope. Change lives.

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