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Looking for Change

I could see him coming from some distance away. He was hard to miss as he made his way down the street with the collection of daily work.

As we crossed paths, I made sure to look him in the eye.

"How are you doing?" I asked him, as his eyes quickly darted away.

He paused, seemingly shocked, that I acknowledged his walking by.

"I am dong ok. Actually, no, I am really frustrated."

"Oh. I'm sorry. What happened," I could see he wanted to talk.

"The Ranger told me I could turn in my cans at Staff of Life, so I made my way across town with all this stuff. Turns out they're already closed so now I am making my way back towards Costco, because I will be able to turn them in tomorrow at ten."

Now that he had taken pause to share this part of his day with me, as we both stood in the street I asked him if he was hungry.

His response was that everything would be fine because he would turn his cans in "tomorrow".

But, in that moment, as I stood here with my own meal in hand, I asked in a different way, "Have you eaten today?"

An answer that was easier for him to simply say, "No."

"Ok," I replied. "Then do you want my burrito, or some money to get something to eat."

Again he reminded me that he would be able to turn in his cans the next morning. And I reminded him that he hadn't yet eaten that day.

He took the money and I watched him go immediately inside to buy himself something to eat.

"You must be an angel," he said to me as he took my offering.

"No, I'm just someone who cares that you haven't yet had anything to eat."

"Thank you for reminding me there are still kind people in the world," his words choked and he began to walk away. "I will make sure to share some of what I get tomorrow, just like you did with me today."

Shared acts of faith. Little deeds of kindness.

Seeds of kindness can still make the world at least a little bit better.

Plant hope. Change lives.

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