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Same heart.
Bigger mission.

SEEDS mission is to mobilize people and resources through advocacy, education and service to make transformative and sustainable changes within their local communities.

Plant hope. Change lives.


Now recognized as a 501c3 Non-Profit organization, SEEDS is expanding our vision and dreaming even bigger as we work our part of changing the world.

We are still in the process of updating our new website, but in the meantime, consider the ways you can help plant  hope and change lives!

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​With the combined efforts of our Street Outreach Team and our local and regional community partners, SEEDS Outreach provides direct and immediate care to kids living on the streets. By providing outreach care, the SEEDS outreach team fosters a connection which facilities trust to build long-term relationships with these youth.

As this community is strengthened through consistent and on-going safe presence from our team, unhoused and street youth gain access to resources and services which provide the  critical help and support they need transition out of life on the streets into sustainable long-term housing so they can move on with their lives.



Critical supplies are delivered to youth living on the streets from the Street Outreach Team.

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Canine Kits
Canine Kits

Many youth living on the streets have dogs both for companionship and protection. Our canine kits help support this critical part of their survival on the streets.

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Remarkable power comes from the sharing of stories. One of the most compelling steps toward healing, reconciliation, and even long-term systemic change is through the telling of our personal narratives.


Voices Unheard, which originated as a Changemaker Initiative Project, aims to empower unhoused youth, and in particular LGBTQIA youth, to share their experiences of living on the streets. By making the unspeakable - speakable - through giving voice to their stories, a self that was wounded, broken, frightened or lost may now be reclaimed. In addition, as others experience the authenticity and humanness of these young people’s lives, their stories will serve to engage and alter others’ attitudes, as well as heighten understanding and acceptance of LGBTQIA people within our communities.



Stories from the shadows