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Canine Kits

Dogs provide emotional support for unhoused youth, and in some cases, the only source of comfort in their lives. 

During our street outreach, we've realized how critical dogs' role is in the lives of street youth. Kids will give a portion of their own food to their four legged friend. Often they will share other critical supplies.

Canine Kits were born to increase street youth food security, enhance their emotional resilience and empower them as contributing members of society, capable of carrying out their responsibilities.

Each Canine Kit Includes

Doggie Fleece Blanket



Foldable Bowl




A Toy

Every contribution makes a difference

Every donation to goes directly to helping unhoused and street youth


Provide Street Survival Packs to 3 young people living on the streets and Canine Kits to their furry friends.


Provide Canine Kits to 3 young people's furry friends


Provide Canine Kits to 2 young people's furry friends


Provide 1 Canine Kit to a young person's furry friend


Make your choice!

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