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Growing Good.

We believe when given consistent support and relevant resources, youth living on the streets can reclaim their lives and pursue their dreams of growing up and into the person they always hoped to be.

In reality, a large number of the kids we serve were at some point rejected, abused or neglected by their families or caretakers. Understandably, many of them have lost their basic trust in most caregivers and adults. In fact, they often will do whatever it takes to avoid having to return home. 

Initially, ​most of these same kids are resistant to seeking local service organizations or government agencies for help once they are homeless. As a result, they do not have access to the resources needed to be informed about what support and services are available to them.

This is where we step in.

This is where we plant hope and change lives.

SEEDS mission is to create a mobile, flexible platform for street outreach, providing food, supplies and other support services while partnering with other public agencies and non-profit organizations to ensure unhoused youth have direct access to the specific tools and resources they need.

To reach these youth living out on the streets,

we simply start by meeting them where they are.

Step by step, seed by seed.


We care. We listen. We advocate. We learn.


And together, over time, we are able to establish enough trust to guide these young people towards the services they need to support their move off the streets and steps towards a life in which they thrive.

SEEDS Outreach aims to serve as a critical partner in the fight

against youth homelessness.

We are committed to working our part until we see an end to homelessness for every single youth we serve.

Join us in growing some good,

one precious life at a time.

Why do young people end up on the streets?

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